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  • Author: Forrest Carson
  • Published on ... 09/28/2020
  • Last revised on ... 11/06/2020 03:37:18 PM

When you drive down streets, it’s sad to see how many businesses are either closed or only open for brief windows of time.  A recovery can be hard to imagine when a business owner has to follow rules that are mandated by state governments and then at the same time, deal with the realities of the perceptions and feelings of both their employees and customers regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In what some may call the “new normal”, business owners need to get creative to grow their business, let alone survive during this time.  The EMS system can address this and truly help business owners make their employees and customers feel safe to visit their business on-site.  At the same time, it gives the business owner a new conversation to promote themselves to garner new customers.

What is EMS?

EMS is a business solution that incorporates UVC Light and HOCL, which are two natural, chemical free technologies that disinfect the air and surfaces for 99.999% of known harmful pathogens.

What is UVC Light?

UVC Light is a germicidal light energy and stands for Ultraviolet-C.  It inactivates viruses for example by changing the RNA / DNA of the virus.

What is HOCL?

HOCL is a chemical free solution that is a proven disinfectant.  It is electrolyzed saltwater and it is also known as hypochlorous acid.  It’s essentially harmless when it comes to any type of exposure to it.

How can EMS help businesses?

Businesses can purchase the EMS mobile UVC tower, HOCL solution and HOCL delivery system, such as an electrostatic sprayer.  They can then use these technologies safely as frequently as they would like.  For example, disinfecting a room or area after each visit from a customer.

The key is to promote what the business is doing to help protect their employees and customers.  People appreciate those businesses that go the extra mile for their safety and for a better customer experience.  Part of the EMS business solution is marketing support, such as images, social media examples and a sign for the business’s door, which includes a QR Code so that customers can visit website to educate themselves as to what that business is doing for their safety and experience.

To learn more about EMS, UVC Light and HOCL, visit the Resources page at website.

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